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16 Jan

LCN Curtains

Welcome to the Official Blog for La Cosa Nostra (LCN) Productions – an entity operating under the name LCN Productions, with the sole purpose of producing a 2013 Hamilton Fringe Festival performance of The Life of Giacomo Girolamo Casanova de Seingalt  an Italian adventurer and author from the Republic of Venice.

His autobiography, Histoire de ma vie (Story of My Life), is regarded as one of the most authentic sources of the customs and norms of European social life during the 18th century.

He has become so famous for his often complicated and elaborate affairs with women that his name is now synonymous with “womanizer”. He associated with European royalty, popes and cardinals, along with luminaries such as VoltaireGoethe and Mozart. He spent his last years inBohemia as a librarian in Count Waldstein‘s household, where he also wrote the story of his life.

Stay tuned… OR ELSE!

Guido Il Guido, Consigliere

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